Key Omnichannel Priorities for Store Ops and IT

July 11th, 2024 | 12:00pm - 12:30pm ET

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About the Event

Store operations teams must continuously adapt to evolving customer expectations, which are increasingly shaped by online shopping experiences. Introducing new store capabilities can also be tricky. Retailers need to find new ways to revamp in-store experiences with modern, streamlined use cases that deliver a competitive advantage and help them stand out in the marketplace.

Join Nikki Baird, VP of Strategy and Products at Aptos, and guest speaker Brendan Witcher, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, as they discuss high-priority initiatives that store ops teams need to consider adding to their wish lists—and IT teams to their to-do lists. The pair will explore the essential steps needed to fulfill the promise of creating unique and engaging customer experiences through technology to ensure success.

Featured topics include:

  • Customer demands for the modern store
  • Examples of in-store tech capabilities like buy online, return in-store, and mobile POS
  • Prioritizing initiatives and aligning goals
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Host: Nikki Baird

VP of Strategy


Featured Speaker: Brendan Witcher

VP, Principal Analyst



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