Reimagining the Digital Shopper Journey

The retail ecosystem over the last few years has been a potent cocktail of Wild West mixed with tech mania. Fluctuating shopper behaviors combined with supply-chain woes, economic uncertainty, and digital domination have retailers battling for shoppers’ attention across all touchpoints—especially e-commerce. The key to success in this game of online chess is enhanced and improved shopper journeys that prioritize convenience and ease while encouraging loyalty.

During this virtual event, sponsored by Bolt, we’re sitting down with Mark Eamer, Chief Marketing Officer at Chewy, to chat about how their booming brand has reimagined online interactions with shoppers. We’ll break down marketing strategies, loyalty programs, and the importance of a seamless CX in building brand love and loyalty—among humans and canines alike. Following that segment, Bolt’s Vice President of Customer Experience, Shilpi Narang, will sit down with Morning Brew to discuss the importance of an easy and intuitive checkout experience in the digital shopper journey.

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