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Generation one-click: fulfilling Gen Z’s need for speed

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Ian McKinnon

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Gen Z just hits different. Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z is the first generation to grow up—wait, no, glow up—in an online world of fast digital exchanges. As young adults, they’ve become accustomed to the impossible speeds of the internet and new technology, relying on the immediacy of iMessages, Instagram likes, and Snap pics to become CEOs of their world.

Today Gen Z holds $360 billion in disposable income, which is substantial buying power. Despite the strength of these numbers, many online retailers haven’t adapted to this new generation’s speedy expectations when it comes to shopping online. Common checkout rigmaroles, like inputting card information or filling out shipping addresses, continue to hurt revenues. About 75.7% of online shoppers abandon their carts before checkout, leading to more than $1 trillion in lost annual revenue.

The solution to this L is simple: making secure, one-click checkout a main character in your online retail story. As Gen Z continues to bring back bucket hats and low-rise jeans, place frictionless checkouts at the center of your commerce.

One-click is the G.O.A.T.

Bolt’s research found that 57% of the Zoomer demographic prefer one-click checkout, a 7% lift over everyone else surveyed. And just so ya know, their research also revealed that buyers across most demographics prefer one-click checkouts over manual entry.

Bolt’s One-Click Checkout is the perfect tool to snag Gen Z buyers wanting fast and easy online retail. Here’s how it works:

  1. During checkout, a shopper inputs their email address in the designated form, just like any typical online shopping process.
  2. Bolt instantly recognizes the email as a Bolt Account shopper and sends them a one-time password through SMS.
  3. The shopper inputs that secure password and checks out with a single click.

Bolt has you covered on payment options, too. Buyers can use a variety of payment methods—including PayPal and many buy now, pay later services—to complete their purchases. This streamlined and flexible checkout has the data to back up its success: Bolt Account shoppers are 47% more likely to make purchases than guest-account shoppers.

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Fast, effective, one-click checkouts make the shopping experience more convenient and memorable, helping to build lifetime value and customer loyalty. Bolt Account shoppers are 63% more likely to be repeat customers than guest-checkout shoppers, too. You love to see it.

Account registration forms ain’t it, chief

Those novel-length account registrations have created huge problems for online retailers. Some shoppers abandon the experience completely, while others avoid registration entirely by using the guest-checkout option. But this shortcut still requires manual credit card input *and* deprives the seller of valuable customer info.

As a remedy to this account/login predicament, Bolt created a simplified login layer for online retailers: SSO Commerce. Where Bolt’s One-Click Checkout allows users to purchase goods with a single click, SSO Commerce enables lightning-fast logins across all retail sites.

This game-changing functionality says goodbye to the whole username and password headache in favor of a one-time password (OTP) process that lets shoppers log in to your site quickly and securely. Forget about guest accounts and low account-creation numbers!

So, how does it all work? SSO Commerce unifies merchant and Bolt accounts, allowing retailers and consumers to access Bolt’s many benefits. As a shopper checks out and saves their information, Bolt creates a store account on the retailer’s behalf. And if they’ve already created a store account, Bolt offers no-hassle upgrade services.

Oh, and shoppers can still keep their existing account benefits. All those loyalty programs, order histories, and wish lists are stored securely within Bolt’s login layer, so customers can access their benefits with just a few clicks.

Easy login and one-click account creation? Yeah, Bolt took a W.

Make your checkouts pass the vibe check

Thanks to Bolt’s speedy checkout innovations, brands can finally catch up to Gen Z’s need for speed and put an end to abandoned cart syndrome. Their One-Click Checkout and reimagined login layers are perfect for reaching and retaining younger audiences who grew up expecting the world to run at the click of a button. Gen Z wants to zoom, and Bolt can finally let them.

Retail news that keeps industry pros in the know

Retail Brew delivers the latest retail industry news and insights surrounding marketing, DTC, and e-commerce to keep leaders and decision-makers up to date.